Assembly Programming Journal

what is it?

The APJ is an online assembly language coding magazine that ran for nine issues, from 1998-2001. The magazine was originally abandoned due to lack of article submissions, as well as time constraints on the editorial staff.

As of Jan 2004 the APJ is being revived as a mailing list, in the hopes that the more casual format will allow articles to be published more quickly, and to allow reader commentary on the articles. When a sufficient number of articles has been submitted, a new issue of APJ will be released on this site.

why is it part of the bastard?

The services that the APJ requires -- a mailing list, a document repository, and a message board are all provided by SourceForge for open-source projects. The bastard disassembler is an assembly-language-related project started by the founder of APJ; its resources are being used to support the revival of the APJ as a second non-profit project.

how does one subscribe?

Subscription to the list is via the Sourceforge list management page.

who is allowed to post?

Posting is limited to list members for obvious reasons; there are no restrictions on list membership.

where are the issues?

The archive of back issues can be found in CVS or in the Bastard project documentaion page. An non-functional archive of the web site is also available via cvs.

Individual issues can also be obtained via CVS:

  • APJ Issue 1
  • APJ Issue 2
  • APJ Issue 3
  • APJ Issue 4
  • APJ Issue 5
  • APJ Issue 6
  • APJ Issue 7
  • APJ Issue 8
  • APJ Issue 9

    where is the message board?

    The APJ discussion forum has been moved to here. One must have a SourceForge ID to post, but there is no restriction on SF memberships.

    who's behind it?

  • mammon_, mere editor